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I was born and raised on a dairy farm in northern Vermont. My father was a tractor mechanic before going into farming and with that background I was taught how to repair and maintain the farm tractors. In my 20’s I left the farm and became an equipment technician servicing printing equipment all over the north east. I eventually started my own service company and many years later I changed the company to sales of printing equipment all over the world. In 1995 I moved to South Carolina. In 2014 I stopped selling printing equipment and shortly after that I started refurbishing compact tractors and found that I enjoyed using my hands again. After refurbishing a few tractors I soon realize that it is very expense to do the job right and that it would be impossible to make a profit doing this, but I also thought that anyone who owned or wanted to own a small tractor would also find it very expensive to maintain an older tractor. So after extensive research into the new tractor manufacturers I found some of the new tractors to expensive for a person who used a tractor only part time and the low price tractors were not very good and also parts were expensive and hard to find. After driving around Georgia and the Carolinas talking to tractor dealers, I realized that there was one tractor that fit the market very well. This tractor was very well made and some dealers told me they thought it was better made than the green one. I was very impressed and felt that TYM best fit the needs of the part time tractor operator and it would also fit the need of the everyday user as well. TYM is the 3rd largest tractor manufacturer in the world and they are a service oriented company with the end user in mind with a very large inventory of parts available right in North Carolina. Their parts department is open 24 hours a day and will drop ship parts direct the customer if needed.


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